Master Mantak Chia is the creator of the Healing Tao, Tao Yoga, Universal Healing Tao System and the director of the Universal Healing Tao Center and Tao Garden Health Spa & Resort in the beautiful northern countryside of Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Since childhood, he has been studying the Taoist approach to life. Master Chia’s mastery of this ancient knowledge enhanced by his study of other disciplines has resulted in the development of the Healing Tao & Universal Healing Tao System which is now being taught throughout the world.




Master Mantak Chia Biography

Master Mantak Chia was born in Thailand to Chinese parents in 1944. While still a grammar school student he learned traditional Thai boxing. He was then taught Tai Chi Chuan by Master Lu, who soon introduced him to Aikido, Yoga and broader levels of Tai Chi. It was Master Yi Eng who authorized Master Chia to teach and heal. Master Cheng Yao-Lun’s system combined Thai boxing and Kung Fu. Mantak Chia also studied at this time with Master Pan Yu whose system combined Taoist, Buddhist and Zen teachings. Master Pan Yu also taught him about the exchange of Yin and Yang power between men and women and how to develop the Steel Body.

To understand the mechanisms behind healing energy better, Master Chia studied Western anatomy and medical science for two years. Using his knowledge of Taoism combined with the other disciplines, Master Mantak Chia began teaching the Universal Healing Tao System. He eventually trained other instructors to communicate this knowledge and he established the Natural Healing Center in Thailand. For instructors around the world, please visit

During his years in America, Mantak Chia continued his studies in the Wu System of Tai Chi with Edward Yee in New York. Since then, Master Chia has taught tens of thousands of students throughout the world. Living Tao Centers, Chi Nei Tsang Institutes, Cosmic Healing Forums and Immortal Tao Mountain Sanctuaries have opened in many location in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.

Master Mantak Chia estimates that it will take forty-five books to convey the full Universal Tao System. In June 1990 Master Chia was honored by the International Congress of Chinese Medicine and Qi Gong (Chi Kung), who named him the Qi Gong Master of the Year.

In 1994 Mantak Chia moved back to Thailand, where he began construction of Tao Garden and the Universal Healing Tao Center fifteen miles outside of Chiang Mai.

In December 2000, the Tao Garden Health Resort and Universal Tao Training Center was completed with Meditation Halls, two open air Simple Chi Kung Pavillion, indoor Tai Chi, Tao Yin and Chi Nei Tsang Hall, Tai Chi Natural, Swimming Pool, Pakua Integrative Medical Clinic Center, World Class Weight Lifting and eight complete Ball Court Recreational Facilities.

In February 2002, the Immortal Tao practices were held at Tao Garden for the first time using Dark Room technology creating a complete environment for higher level Taoist practice

In September 2003 Master Chia opened the Tao Garden Holistic Medical Spa using Western and Eastern Technology with Traditional Thai Massage, India Aveda Therapies and Chinese Chi Nei Tsang Massage. The Spa is supervised by trained and certificated Medical Doctors, MDs with Holistic Degrees providing Colonic Therapy, Stem Cell Cancer Prevention and Natural Cancer Cure Treatments.

In March 2004 the Complete Holistic Mind, Body and Spirit Training was introduce at Tao Garden.

In July 2009 Master Mantak Chia introduced the Five Star Eight Forces Detox Spa with Saunas, Therapy Color Heated Pool, Jacuzzi, and Internal Massage Treatments. This was also introduced with Raw Food and Fasting Program with Organic Juice Bar.

In September 2010 the Universal Healing Tao Instructors celebrated thirty years of Master Chia’s teaching with the Tao Congress at Tao Garden having over 100 instructors present for the celebration

Do not forget to smell the orchids ...

Master Mantak Chia was born in 1944 in Thailand, the son of Chinese parents. At the age of 6 years, his education began at Buddhist monks in meditation. He received his formal training in Hong Kong, where he was introduced by various masters in Tai Chi Chuan, Aikido and Kundalini Yoga. Later, he traveled throughout South East Asia and learned from Taoist and Buddhist teachers secret Shaolin techniques as well as dealing with the internal force.

However, his main teacher was the Taoist Master Yi Eng who authorized him to teach the Taoist theory of energy .

He is the founder of the Universal Healing Tao System . Secret old knowledge was made accessible to the West for the first time by him. Over a thousand of trained teachers teach him today worldwide universal Tao. After twenty years in the West Mantak Chia lives since 1994 in Thailand , where it has created a unique seminar and health center, the " Tao Garden " near Chiang Mai. The various aspects of the Tao are implemented on a high quality level on the 80,000 m² site . Healthy eating according to the Chinese five elements theory is a prerequisite and is achieved by using organic point of home-grown food. The accompanying purification of body and soul is amplified by a variety of physical exercises and specific massage techniques. The Tao Garden Clinic presents with Chinese doctors and various methods of purification and convalescence the medical part of this wonderful place available.
His teaching is now known worldwide and is becoming increasingly popular .

Since 1985, the Tao Master teaches regularly in Germany and is one of the most successful teachers. The by him publish 223 books and writings were published at 54 publishers worldwide .

"Seriousness is the highest form of love"