Iron Shirt Chi Kung

Whether you are a student or expert is ... the practice is crucial. A practice unit may be completely ineffective when the body was not really prepared to handle the energy that he should also record .
Energy intake and its processing is the main objective of the Iron Shirt training.
The term warm-up, or ' warm up ' means flow to bring it to circulate through the body and blood to the Chi . Warm-up exercises are especially important for body parts that are rarely stretched ... such as Spine and sacrum.
It is very important to pay attention to the messages of the body during the various exercises. The goal is not to over-stretch the large muscles or too strong to develop , but to loosen the joints and open , so that chi and blood can flow without hindrance. We should note that slowly , safely and naturally develop ourselves .
In Iron Shirt Chi Kung we learn the natural structure of the body recover . In other words Discover how we can harness the power of the lower Tan Tien , the perineum and the spine to stand on a stable, powerful and effortless way .

What is Iron Shirt Chi Kung?

Iron Shirt Chi Kung is the ' martial art ' element in the system of Universal HEALING TAO© System.
This branch of the system develops inner strength and a well toned body through simple but very effective techniques that produce Chi (Qi) which can then be stored in the body . The Iron Shirt Training developed a relaxed, open but strong body structure that aligns with the forces of heaven and earth . The Iron Shirt techniques help us to produce strong roots with the earth and centered the body in balance and keep .

Chi Kung or ' Qi Gong ' is a form of inner alchemy that includes Ghost , Chi - force and breathing exercises. Practitioners learn to detoxify the body and promote the circulation of energy to compress it and save it. Thereafter, the amplified Chi is re- circulates in the body and again in the organs, glands and muscles compressed to keep them healthy and strong.
In order to penetrate into the deeper emotional layers of the body , all of Iron Shirt Chi Kung and breathing exercises should be practiced with full attention . The goal is to prepare the body to higher spiritual energies.
( Thomas Meewes 2002)