Kan and Li

The Lesser Enlightenment Kan and Li:
On this, at a very high level of Taoist energy work, the sexual energy is Jing Chi (creative power) is transformed into life force. The ultimate secret of this formula is that the usual positions of fire and water are reversed to set sexual energy. The spread of sexual energy through the entire body you can imagine it as water vapor rising when the water begins to boil on the fire.

For this meditation, the inner alchemy include maintenance and development of the root center and the heart center, and the transformation of sexual energy in the navel. The formula of the smaller Kan and Li reverses the normal process of energy waste.

By interchanging the positions of the heat of the fire body comes under the coolness of the water body. Without this exchange, the fire burns easily in the air and burns the body from the inside. The water (the sexual fluids) will tend to flow down and exit the body. When the water dries up, the body breathes out his life. The process of evaporation may be extended over a long period.

The warm, moist steam generated carries tremendous energy in itself and is extremely healthy. The glands and the nervous and lymphatic systems are regenerated intensifies the circulation of energy and the body fluids.