Inner Sexual Alchemy - Healing Love

The Healing Love is the cultivation of sexual energy (Ching Chi), generated in our "love organs". Closely connected with the glandular system, our genital organs can produce large amounts of sexual energy, a very fiery energy, powerful, alive, but not permanent. To save them, they must be directed to the other organs and can not be left solely in the sexual organs, or "wasted", ie without discharging them to circulate. The exercises and meditations of love from the Universal Healing Tao show us how we circulate the fiery energy of the Ching Chi, transform, can connect with the energy of the heart and preserve.

Since the sexual energy of men and women is very different and a common practice that counts " pair cultivation " , to the more advanced techniques , the exercises are first practiced individually.
The woman learned the " breast massage ", the " Ovaratmung " and the exercise with the Jade Egg . In addition to the Strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles can be influenced during menstruation , organ cuts, hormone fluctuations and to increase sexual sensitivity before and also to complaints .
The man learned to massage the sexual organs , the " testicle breathing," as well as the technique of the "Great Empor drawing " , with the ejaculation can be controlled while having an orgasm is experienced. Also, it can positve effect on problems such as impotence , prostate problems , his health and sexual pleasure .
The goal is to cultivate the energy of the Ching Chi to use the refined energy of love for the self-healing , rejuvenation, creative expansion and spiritual growth. This makes it possible to experience vibrant zest for life. Is also promoted a deeper understanding of our sexuality as well as our ability to love, respect , intimacy and independence to experience in our love relationship.
( Annett and Ulrich Pinkall 2004)