The roots of Taoism ranging up to 8,000 years back before our time , ie until about 6000 BC The origin of this unique natural philosophy is based on the desire of human beings to recognize its source and return.

From this desire first feverish efforts created such a thing as to develop a " golden pill " as Zauberweg external alchemy. Possible ingredients for this research was cinnabar (mercury) , and lead. As the ranks of the curious Taoists exposed slowly taking any of these elements , they noticed that the exploration of the true self is far more promising. The yearning for the source led the Taoists further to a close observation of nature and the universe . They found a perfect agreement of the principles of action ( Tao ) of the macrocosm ( universe) and the microcosm ( human). So also the human planet (acupuncture points) has effect on certain orbits ( meridians ) the interaction of the forces within the meaning of Tao.


Taoism and Buddhism have shaped and developed each other. So, from both wisdom teachings of the so-called Chan Buddhism from the turn of Zen Buddhism has developed in Japan. Taoism has spawned entire fields of science or its inception. Yet Taoism has its exotic edge appearance-existence can never overcome. This may be because a true Taoist beyond a certain stage of development, the speeches, the presentation or the conscious work and prefer avoiding seeks solitude.