The Inner Smile is a powerful internal healing and relaxation meditation. Deep relaxation dissolves physical and mental tensions that can cause energy blockages and unhealthy Chi. The Inner Smile enhances the energy of the organs and glands, our life force in general, and stills and focuses the mind-eye-heart. It makes us more aware of our body and inner being, because we learn to communicate with our organs, glands, spine and other specific parts of our body, as well as our soul. Taoists discovered that consciousness is rooted not only in the brain alone, but also in the vital organs and in the more subtle sense in each of the cells.

By smiling to the organs and thanking them for the work they do, eventually we will reawaken the intelligence of the body. We are often so out of touch with our bodies and emotions that we do not notice inner disharmony developing until it finally manifests itself as a serious illness. Practicing the Inner Smile daily provides a regular scheduled time to look inside, to keep in touch with the state of our inner organs, our Chi, our breath and emotions. We can then spot problems at their inception, making it easier to ‘nip them in the bud’. Low self-esteem is becoming endemic. With the Inner Smile, we start to develop a healthy, loving relationship with ourselves and with others. We start to recognize our own positive qualities. With regular practice, we get to know ourselves as we really are; we will discover our virtues. This will help us form a more authentic and
healthier self-image, one that can stay in close contact with reality. The Inner Smile trains our ability to love and relax our own body and soul. If we learn to love and accept ourselves the way we are, it becomes easier and more natural for us to extend this love outward and to love and accept other people as well.
Always start the Inner Smile with the rocking exercise. Rock your spine from your sitting bones and sacrum to the sides and than back an forth.

When the spine is tense and stiff, there is no way to calm down.
     The well-known “Three Lines Inner Smile”, which you will find in the books Taoist Way to Transform Stress into Vitality and in Awaken Universal Light.
     The “Energizing Inner Smile”.
     The Inner Smile that emphasizes relaxation, balancing the emotions and transform them into compassion energy.

Link: 'Inner Smile' (short video by Mantak Chia in English)

Not only the ancient Tao masters knew that music and song have great healing potential. In all cultures, shamans and medicine men accompanied the treatment of the sick with rhythm, songs, and dances. "The ear is the entrance to the soul" is the popular saying.

The Chinese physician Sun Si Miao was known among the common people as the king of medicine because of his competence and medical practice. He found out as early as 600 AD that the vibrations of certain tones positively influence the course of diseases.

The Ayurvedic physician Shri Balaji També writes: "One must set the cells of the body in vibration. Because through the vibration of the cells, the consciousness of a sick person can be changed sustainably that promotes health. The soul of the singer resonates in the human voice, and the sound of the voice contains its individuality.

The 'Six Healing Sounds' are easy to learn and allow a direct influence on our condition. Movement sequences belonging to the respective organ positions, controlled breathing and inwardly vibrating sounds allow a healing power specifically acting on individual organs to emerge. The exact connections here are still not researched.

It was Grandmaster Mantak Chia who significantly popularized the Six Healing Sounds in the West. The 5 yin organs heart, lungs, kidneys, liver and spleen are in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) a life-sustaining whole, to which the Six Healing Sounds refer.

The aim of the exercises is nothing less than emotional harmonisation.




The Microcosmic Orbit Meditation awakens, circulates and directs Chi through the Governing Channel (Du Mai), which ascends from the base of the spine up to the crown (Bai Hui) and the Functional or Conception Channel (Ren Mai), which runs from the tip of the tongue down the middle of the torso to the perineum (Hui Yin). Dedicated practice of this ancient esoteric method eliminates stress and nervous tension, energizes the internal organs, restores health to damaged tissue, and builds a strong sense of personal well‑being.

The Microcosmic Orbit is the foundation of any taoist practice. Each new practice is dependent upon the quality of your meditations and your ability to perfect the Microcosmic Orbit. The meditations in the Microcosmic Orbit ‘system’ also strengthen the Original Chi and teach you the basics of circulating energy. This enables the palms, the soles of the feet, the mideyebrow point and the crown to open. These specific locations are the major points where energy can be absorbed, condensed and transformed into fresh new life force.

Focus on the Lower Tan Tien (the area where the Original Chi is stored, between the navel, kidneys and sexual organs). Feel the pulsing in this area, observe whether this area feels tense or relaxed, cool or warm, expansive or contracting. Notice any sensations of Chi: tingling, heat, expansiveness, pulsing, electricity or magnetism. Allow these to grow and expand. Then let this energy flow out to the Navel Center.
Use your intention (mind/eye/heart power) to spiral in the point and guide and move the Chi. Let the energy flow down to the Sexual Center (the Ovarian or Sperm Palace).
     Move the energy from the Sexual Center to the perineum and down to the soles of the feet.
     Draw the energy up from the soles to the perineum and to the sacrum.
     Draw the energy up from the sacrum to the Door of Life (the point in the spine opposite the navel).
     Draw the energy up to the mid‑spine point (T11 vertebra).
     Draw the energy up to the base of the skull (Jade Pillow).
     Draw the energy up to the crown.
     Move the energy down from the crown to the mideyebrow point.
     Touch the tip of your tongue to your upper palate; press and release a few times.
     Then rest and lightly touch the tongue to the palate, sensing the electricity or tingling feeling of the energy flowing into the tongue.
     Move the energy down from the mideyebrow to where the tip of your tongue and palate meet.
     Move the energy down from the palate through your tongue to the Throat Center. 
     Move the energy down from the throat to the Heart Center.
     Bring the energy down from the heart to the solar plexus. Feel a small sun shining out. 
     Bring the energy back down to the navel.
     Continue to circulate your energy through this entire sequence of points at least nine times.
     Once the pathways are open, you can let your energy flow continuously like a stream or river, without stopping at each point.
     Conclude when you wish, by collecting energy at the navel:

Men: Cover your navel with both palms, left hand over right. Collect and mentally spiral the energy outward from the navel 36 times clockwise and then inward 24 times counterclockwise.
Women: Cover your navel with both palms, right hand over left. Collect and mentally spiral the energy outward from the navel 36 times counterclockwise and then inward 24 times clockwise.

Link: 'Microcosmic Orbit' (short video by Mantak Chia in English)

Hardly any other topic has preoccupied mankind over the millennia as much as the tension between sexual pleasure and procreation. More than 3000 years ago, the Chinese discovered that men can have multiple orgasms if they control or even completely avoid ejaculation. In the West, it took until the 1940s for Alfred Kinsey to report similar discoveries. But although his findings have been repeatedly confirmed in laboratory experiments, this knowledge still has no real social relevance.
The retention of seminal fluid during sexual union was a well-kept secret in ancient China. In the beginning, these practices were exclusively practiced by the emperor and his inner circle. Later, they became accessible to “ordinary people” as well and were passed down from father to chosen son, but withheld from all female family members. Today, these restrictions no longer exist.  In Semen and Ovary Kung Fu, men and women learn how to direct and transform their sexual energy along the path of the small circuit (see illustration). With each ejaculation and menstruation, the body assumes that a new life is to be conceived. According to Taoism, all organs and glands sacrifice their best energy for this, which is called orgasmic energy. According to the Kinsey Report, a man ejaculates on average five thousand times during his lifetime, some men much, much more. From a Taoist perspective, a man loses energy mainly through ejaculation, while a woman loses energy through menstruation, not through orgasm. Women can experience about three hundred to five hundred menstrual cycles. Each egg cell and each sperm also contain highly effective, creative energy.

Sexual life disorders such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, impotence, prostate problems, menstrual cramps, organ dysfunction and hormonal fluctuations can be alleviated, if not resolved, with Healing Love practices. Most men are sexually weaker than women, losing more energy than women for the same amount of sexual activity. The sexual imbalance between man and woman is obvious. The woman can take her husband inside her as long as she wants. The Taoists therefore say that their yin essence is almost inexhaustible. The man's physical power of love, however, is limited by the amount of energy available to him for his erection.
The effects that this biological primordial imbalance has on the man-woman relationship are enormous. A real chain reaction, from marriage to the relationship to work, to the culturally determined roles we adopt. The spiritual models that guide our self-development and inner growth are also affected.
In the depths of their hearts, men encounter the inexhaustible sexual power of women with as much fear as fascination. Perhaps this sexual insecurity is also the reason why men throughout the ages and in every culture have sought to suppress women physically, politically, financially, intellectually and religiously.
The search for sexually fulfilled love has taken on an almost religious dimension among people who are too scientifically minded to believe in any of the traditional versions of a god. Devotion to a single person offers something tangible, a sacrament that is personal and present, the altar of love, so to speak.

It is possible that the decline of religion in the West began with the experience that sexuality became more open, stronger and more important than the spiritual experience that a religion could offer its believers through prayers and in community.


Organ Detoxification, the "Chi Nei Tsang" Massage

(Second brain: Abdominal massage)

People often develop energy blockages of their internal organs, which have their roots in the knots and tangles of the intestinal tract.
Emotions such as fear, anger, excessive anxiety, depression and rumination can cause great damage in our bodies.

Energy losses can occur as by overwork, stress, accidents, surgery, drugs and toxins, poor and contaminated food and especially through vocational uncertainty.


These negative emotions and toxic energies seek discharge and deposit as from on and around the organs in our body that can process parts of this emotional garbage. But usually there remain enough blockades to impede the energy flow in the body, which eventually leads usually to disease. Negative emotions can create such excessive heat in the organs that dysfunction can develop up to total failure.

The Chi Nei Tsang massage is an extremely effective method to solve these energy blockages and flush out deposited toxins.
Since Chi Nei Tsang is intended for mainly for self-massage, no further steps are required. Anyone can see the beneficial massages you at all times and for all the family exercise ... You can feel in yourself, where tensions are found around the abdomen and edit this tension. Mantak Chia calls the 'I am my own gold-digger'.
(Wolfgang Heuhsen 2004)

Healing by the forces of heaven and earth - Grandmaster Mantak Chia 

Cosmic Healing Qigong (or Cosmic Healing Chi Kung) is an important Healing Art or Branch of Mantak Chia's Universal Healing Tao® System, a comprehensive system for cultivating body, energy, and mind. 

Chi means "energy" or "life force"; gong means "work" or "effort." Cosmic Qigong is about developing the ability to use chi for self-healing purposes. We call this practice "Cosmic Self-Healing" because it teaches us to use the forces of nature, human will, and cosmic particles to transform the interference fields and blockages present in the body into usable energy. 

This discipline is useful for anyone interested in complementary and alternative healing methods, either for themselves or as a therapist; for anyone who wants to realize their human potential at a higher level of consciousness.

The Universal Healing Tao® practices are about restoring these inner energies. The Taoists have recognized that human beings have only a limited supply of chi. However, if we are able to connect to the inexhaustible energy sources in the universe, we gain an unlimited chi capacity and - within the limits of our human nature - constantly recharge ourselves with the infinite abundance of energy around us.

By activating the hands and acupuncture points, vitalizing forces flow into and through the entire body. This prevents the depletion of one's energy resources and provides fresh energy. This practice can be practiced by beginners as well as advanced Qigong practitioners.

Cosmic Healing Qigong builds on the basic exercises of the Universal Healing Tao® System, such as the Microcosmic Orbit, the Six Healing Sounds, Skin and Bone Breathing, and the Iron Shirt and Tan Tien exercises. At the heart of Cosmic Healing Qigong is an exercise method that Master Mantak Chia calls the "Buddha Hand".

The aim of this practice is, among other things, to strengthen the practitioner's chi and to develop his ability to transmit chi to others. The exercises are based on Shaolin Singing Qigong, from which Kong Jing Qigong was derived, about which there are few publications and which is rarely taught. 

Other methods describe techniques with the hands and with various visualizations, including colored chi. However, Grandemaster Mantak Chia himself cautions against the unpracticed use of some techniques. Through the inner preparation of the practitioner with the basic exercises and especially the techniques of Cosmic Qigong, the mental and spiritual abilities of the practitioner are trained.

Like all methods handed down in Taoist tradition, Cosmic Healing Qigong is not based on a belief system, but the values and emphasis are meant to be 'experienced' by everyone.


 - Taoist alchemy, the "Chymic Wedding" in ancient China -

  In the Taoist tradition, the Elixir Chi Kung as one of the last mysteries was considered that passes on a master before he passed on to his students.
Grandmaster Mantak Chia makes this precious knowledge without restrictions and was publicly criticized for it already.
In summary, one can say humors are energized by alchemical acts with Chi. It transformed his own body juices in a not yet explored in detail, but very effective way.
   Body fluids are considered in Chinese medicine as a key indicator for vital health. Functioning of the liquids that speaks for an intact production and a good supply of organs with oxygen and nutrients for a vital sexual energy and for a sufficient combustion of nutrients. Overall, a good hydration of the body provides information on the vitality of a person.

  The West also knows similar traditions. The '' Chymic Wedding '' as the title of one of the basic writings of the Rosicrucian and as an instrument of research-adepts who possessed the keys of hermetic alchemy, Kabbalah, and astrology. In alchemy, the Chymic Wedding is understood as the union of opposites and reveals the stepped path of initiation into the last great mysteries of our existence.
  At the masterpiece of alchemists, the production of a Philosopher's Stone, which produce gold and an immortality elixir is to be gained. One of the necessary actions is the coagulatio of matter, the attraction of being non-clotting substances in Chymic Wedding. They referred to in the erotic imagery of alchemy the culmination of the Great Work (opus magnum) when the White Queen (symbol: moon, silver or mercury) : combined with the Red King (sun, sulfur, or gold). However, the union of polar opposites is not only an external process, but also an allegory of the inner, spiritual transformation process of a human being. Because of the specific alteration of the man himself, it was one of the main objectives of alchemy.

The Taoists recognized the saliva as one of the sources of life. Western scientists describe saliva as an extremely complex fluid that includes a huge range of fabrics, which have the potential to influence many aspects of our physical life.
  The Golden Elixir, also known as nectar, is the source of the water of life. It is a mixture of saliva, fluids, and external hormonal essences. From an alchemical point of view, but it is far more than a merely external, material process; rather is integrated by coagulation Intellectual in the matter and this thereby raised to a higher level of existence. Taoists believe that this elixir is a great transformer for the higher, spiritual work. The Golden Elixir should be able to cure diseases, and even grant immortality. Some Taoist texts recommend swallowing the saliva up to 1.000 times per day for spiritual work and healing. Grandmaster Mantak Chia teaches the practice exercises of Elixir Qigong in a simplified form. The traditional practices of this subject area have flowery names such as ''The dragon fixed the pearl'',''The spider silk and swing the leg", or "Harvesting The Golden Earthmedizin''.
  The practical applications of alchemical traditions to their own body fluids can be learned and practiced. Grandmaster Mantak Chia teaches these precious , Taoist practices worldwide in workshops in Germany. UHT Elixir Qigong is part of the UHT Cosmic Healing Branch.
(Wolfgang Heuhsen 2010)


Whether you are a student or expert is ... the practice is crucial. A practice unit may be completely ineffective when the body was not really prepared to handle the energy that he should also record .
Energy intake and its processing is the main objective of the Iron Shirt training.
The term warm-up, or ' warm up ' means flow to bring it to circulate through the body and blood to the Chi . Warm-up exercises are especially important for body parts that are rarely stretched ... such as Spine and sacrum.
It is very important to pay attention to the messages of the body during the various exercises. The goal is not to over-stretch the large muscles or too strong to develop , but to loosen the joints and open , so that chi and blood can flow without hindrance. We should note that slowly , safely and naturally develop ourselves .
In Iron Shirt Chi Kung we learn the natural structure of the body recover . In other words Discover how we can harness the power of the lower Tan Tien , the perineum and the spine to stand on a stable, powerful and effortless way .

What is Iron Shirt Chi Kung?

Iron Shirt Chi Kung is the ' martial art ' element in the system of Universal HEALING TAO© System.
This branch of the system develops inner strength and a well toned body through simple but very effective techniques that produce Chi (Qi) which can then be stored in the body . The Iron Shirt Training developed a relaxed, open but strong body structure that aligns with the forces of heaven and earth . The Iron Shirt techniques help us to produce strong roots with the earth and centered the body in balance and keep .

Chi Kung or ' Qi Gong ' is a form of inner alchemy that includes Ghost , Chi - force and breathing exercises. Practitioners learn to detoxify the body and promote the circulation of energy to compress it and save it. Thereafter, the amplified Chi is re- circulates in the body and again in the organs, glands and muscles compressed to keep them healthy and strong.
In order to penetrate into the deeper emotional layers of the body , all of Iron Shirt Chi Kung and breathing exercises should be practiced with full attention . The goal is to prepare the body to higher spiritual energies.
( Thomas Meewes 2002)

Fusion of the 5 Elements ( Level 1 )

Artist Klaus Holitzka

The Fusion of the 5 Elements (1) is the first level of the higher meditations in Taoist practice, which are also known under the name of fusion of the 5 forces of the universe. It is the beginning of the inner alchemy, one - by Taoist opinion - very scientific process in which the the practitioner learns to control the energy in the own body to use the Pakua to connect with the immense forces of the universe, to be able to produce the body's substance.
These energies can be used powerfully for self-healing and the development of higher, spiritual goals.

The Fusion 1 is the first step to experiencing the formation and flow of emotional, mental and physical energies in your own body, to control and direct.
In practice, one learns how negative energies that are hidden deep in the body, can be tracked and transformed into positive energy.
Eyes, tongue, mouth, nose and ears, as well as the 5 most important, negative emotions in the organs - - In the Taoist fusion of the 5 elements a connection between the five external senses is anger, hatred, worry, sadness, and fear made​​.
When this connection is made once, the negative emotion is stored in the organs to be detected.

The Fusion 1 shows step by step how negative emotions are removed from the organs . They are neither suppressed nor enhanced or acted out . Instead, these negative energies are brought to special collection points in the body where they are neutralized and converted into positive, creative energy.
The great secret of storage and crystallization of the transformed energy into a mysterious pearl has been revealed for the first time in the alchemical formula of the merger. This pearl is the essence of our life energy or chi ( qi ) , which is in contact with the forces of the universe. With their help it is possible the whole body with energy to nourish the spirit and form a strong soul , or an energy body .
The Fusion 1 is the first essential step to comprehensive emotional and spiritual higher development .
Prerequisite for this practice are knowledge in the basic program of the Universal Tao.
( Thomas Meewes 2004)

Fusion of the 5 Elements ( Level 2 )

At the second stage of the merger, you learn how to circulate the pure energy of the five organs once they are freed from negative emotions. Are the organs cleaned, form positive feelings of kindness, gentleness, respect, balance, justice and compassion as a natural expression of the inner equilibrium. The / the practitioner can monitor state of equilibrium by observing the nature of spontaneously forming emotions.
The power of positive emotions is used to the three from the perineum (dam point) to open from the apex extending channels which are called channel Ascending. In addition, it opens the belt channels that surround the nine main energy centers of the body.



Fusion of the 5 Elements ( Level 3 )

At the third stage of the merger , the practitioner completes the cleaning of the energy pathways in the body by opening the positive and negative channels in the arms and legs. Opening the little cycle , the anodic channel , the channel belt and the positive and negative channels in arms and legs makes the body completely transparent to the circles of life - energy. The unimpeded flow of energy is the basis for perfect physical and mental health.
The method of fusion is one of the greatest achievements of the Taoist masters , as it puts people in a position to rid the body of negative emotions and at the same time to shine the pure light of positive forces.
This traditional knowledge is still kept isolated in shamanistic and tantric traditions around the world. The preservation of these traditions allows us to adhering to solve emotional energies to rid ourselves of " sapping companions " . Those who work directly with people , whether as a therapist , social service, or a teacher who knows the endless task de ' letting go ' of everyday experiences. Learn to prepare you to activate your body 's sensitive energy system by opening the channels and transform the received and save energy patterns  to build and hold your own protective field.
(Wolfgang Heuhsen 2006)

Kan and Li literally mean "water" and "fire." In Taoist alchemy, the meaning of each depends on the level of meditation you are doing. In the Kan and Li formulas, they generally refer, respectively, to the cold/watery/kidneys and hot/fiery/heart energies.

Through the practice 'Fusion of the Five Elements', the human being can reach back to the split into two, and experience the polarity between fire/yang and water/yin. At the start of the Kan and Li level, the fire is above and water is below.

 Since fire expresses the raising aspect of the CHI, and water its downward movement, their basic tendencies tear them apart from one another. In that situation, alchemy is   not possible. There has to be a reversal of their positions within the body: fire has to go down, while water has to go up, so that an alchemical transformation can occur.

On our return journey back to the Tao, there are many seemingly fixed patterns of reality that block our progress. As Taoists, we do not struggle or fight with these seemingly impassable obstacles within our body/mind-instead, we simply identify and acknowledge the polarities present, and dissolve them. This is a necessary step in our return through the five elements and yin-yang dialectics to the ''uncarved block", the undifferentiated whole, Wu Chi, the Tao.

The formula, called Siaow Kan Li ("yin and yang mixed") in Chinese, involves the literal steaming of the sexual energy (Ching) and its refinement into life-force energy (chi) in order to feed the soul or energy body. One might say that the transfer of the sexual energy power throughout the whole body and brain begins with the practice of Kan and Li. The crucial secret of this formula is to reverse the usual sites of Yin and Yang power, thereby providing liberation of the sexual energy. The formula consists of:

    1. Combining male and female or water (yin/muIti-orgasmic energy) and fire (yang/compassion fire from the heart), along with all the virtue energy from all the organs, to give birth to the soul.
    2. Transforming the sexual power in to vital energy (chi). Gathering and purifying the microcosmic outer alchemical agent.
    3. Opening the twelve major channels.
    4. Circulating the power in the Microcosmic Orbit.
    5. Turning back the flow of generative force to fortify the body and the brain and to restore them to their original condition before puberty.
    6. Regrowing the thymus and lymphatic system.
    7. Nourishing and rejuvenating the organs.
    8. Sublimation of the body and soul in self-intercourse.
    9. Giving birth to the immortal soul (energy body).

This formula includes the cultivation of the root (the Hui Yin) and the heart center and the transformation of sexual energy into pure CHI at the navel center (the first cauldron). This inversion places the heat of the bodily fire (the compassion fire from the heart center) beneath the coolness of the bodily water (sexual energy from the perineum). Unless this inversion takes place, the fire simply moves up and bums the body out. The water (sexual fluid) has the tendency to flow downward and out. This formula transmutes the squandering of energy by the highly advanced method of placing water in a closed vessel (the cauldron) in the body and then cooking the sexual energy with fire beneath. If the water is not sealed, it will flow directly into the fire and extinguish it or itself be consumed. That is why the cauldron is so important in the internal process of "steaming".




The Taoism (chin: 道教 from 道, dao, literally the way) is originally a Chinese philosophy, but has now developed later to a national religion.
The 'dao', as the central element of this doctrine is best understood as a comprehensive world-principle to understand is that the people are not purely rational accessible. Man should interfere as little as possible this principle through conscious action and pursuit, but live in mystical, intuitive way in accordance with this Act.