Fusion of the 5 Elements ( Level 1 )

Artist Klaus Holitzka

The Fusion of the 5 Elements (1) is the first level of the higher meditations in Taoist practice, which are also known under the name of fusion of the 5 forces of the universe. It is the beginning of the inner alchemy, one - by Taoist opinion - very scientific process in which the the practitioner learns to control the energy in the own body to use the Pakua to connect with the immense forces of the universe, to be able to produce the body's substance.
These energies can be used powerfully for self-healing and the development of higher, spiritual goals.

The Fusion 1 is the first step to experiencing the formation and flow of emotional, mental and physical energies in your own body, to control and direct.
In practice, one learns how negative energies that are hidden deep in the body, can be tracked and transformed into positive energy.
Eyes, tongue, mouth, nose and ears, as well as the 5 most important, negative emotions in the organs - - In the Taoist fusion of the 5 elements a connection between the five external senses is anger, hatred, worry, sadness, and fear made​​.
When this connection is made once, the negative emotion is stored in the organs to be detected.

The Fusion 1 shows step by step how negative emotions are removed from the organs . They are neither suppressed nor enhanced or acted out . Instead, these negative energies are brought to special collection points in the body where they are neutralized and converted into positive, creative energy.
The great secret of storage and crystallization of the transformed energy into a mysterious pearl has been revealed for the first time in the alchemical formula of the merger. This pearl is the essence of our life energy or chi ( qi ) , which is in contact with the forces of the universe. With their help it is possible the whole body with energy to nourish the spirit and form a strong soul , or an energy body .
The Fusion 1 is the first essential step to comprehensive emotional and spiritual higher development .
Prerequisite for this practice are knowledge in the basic program of the Universal Tao.
( Thomas Meewes 2004)

Fusion of the 5 Elements ( Level 2 )

At the second stage of the merger, you learn how to circulate the pure energy of the five organs once they are freed from negative emotions. Are the organs cleaned, form positive feelings of kindness, gentleness, respect, balance, justice and compassion as a natural expression of the inner equilibrium. The / the practitioner can monitor state of equilibrium by observing the nature of spontaneously forming emotions.
The power of positive emotions is used to the three from the perineum (dam point) to open from the apex extending channels which are called channel Ascending. In addition, it opens the belt channels that surround the nine main energy centers of the body.



Fusion of the 5 Elements ( Level 3 )

At the third stage of the merger , the practitioner completes the cleaning of the energy pathways in the body by opening the positive and negative channels in the arms and legs. Opening the little cycle , the anodic channel , the channel belt and the positive and negative channels in arms and legs makes the body completely transparent to the circles of life - energy. The unimpeded flow of energy is the basis for perfect physical and mental health.
The method of fusion is one of the greatest achievements of the Taoist masters , as it puts people in a position to rid the body of negative emotions and at the same time to shine the pure light of positive forces.
This traditional knowledge is still kept isolated in shamanistic and tantric traditions around the world. The preservation of these traditions allows us to adhering to solve emotional energies to rid ourselves of " sapping companions " . Those who work directly with people , whether as a therapist , social service, or a teacher who knows the endless task de ' letting go ' of everyday experiences. Learn to prepare you to activate your body 's sensitive energy system by opening the channels and transform the received and save energy patterns  to build and hold your own protective field.
(Wolfgang Heuhsen 2006)