Healing by the forces of heaven and earth - Grandmaster Mantak Chia 

Cosmic Healing Qigong (or Cosmic Healing Chi Kung) is an important Healing Art or Branch of Mantak Chia's Universal Healing Tao® System, a comprehensive system for cultivating body, energy, and mind. 

Chi means "energy" or "life force"; gong means "work" or "effort." Cosmic Qigong is about developing the ability to use chi for self-healing purposes. We call this practice "Cosmic Self-Healing" because it teaches us to use the forces of nature, human will, and cosmic particles to transform the interference fields and blockages present in the body into usable energy. 

This discipline is useful for anyone interested in complementary and alternative healing methods, either for themselves or as a therapist; for anyone who wants to realize their human potential at a higher level of consciousness.

The Universal Healing Tao® practices are about restoring these inner energies. The Taoists have recognized that human beings have only a limited supply of chi. However, if we are able to connect to the inexhaustible energy sources in the universe, we gain an unlimited chi capacity and - within the limits of our human nature - constantly recharge ourselves with the infinite abundance of energy around us.

By activating the hands and acupuncture points, vitalizing forces flow into and through the entire body. This prevents the depletion of one's energy resources and provides fresh energy. This practice can be practiced by beginners as well as advanced Qigong practitioners.

Cosmic Healing Qigong builds on the basic exercises of the Universal Healing Tao® System, such as the Microcosmic Orbit, the Six Healing Sounds, Skin and Bone Breathing, and the Iron Shirt and Tan Tien exercises. At the heart of Cosmic Healing Qigong is an exercise method that Master Mantak Chia calls the "Buddha Hand".

The aim of this practice is, among other things, to strengthen the practitioner's chi and to develop his ability to transmit chi to others. The exercises are based on Shaolin Singing Qigong, from which Kong Jing Qigong was derived, about which there are few publications and which is rarely taught. 

Other methods describe techniques with the hands and with various visualizations, including colored chi. However, Grandemaster Mantak Chia himself cautions against the unpracticed use of some techniques. Through the inner preparation of the practitioner with the basic exercises and especially the techniques of Cosmic Qigong, the mental and spiritual abilities of the practitioner are trained.

Like all methods handed down in Taoist tradition, Cosmic Healing Qigong is not based on a belief system, but the values and emphasis are meant to be 'experienced' by everyone.