Organ Detoxification, the "Chi Nei Tsang" Massage

(Second brain: Abdominal massage)

People often develop energy blockages of their internal organs, which have their roots in the knots and tangles of the intestinal tract.
Emotions such as fear, anger, excessive anxiety, depression and rumination can cause great damage in our bodies.

Energy losses can occur as by overwork, stress, accidents, surgery, drugs and toxins, poor and contaminated food and especially through vocational uncertainty.


These negative emotions and toxic energies seek discharge and deposit as from on and around the organs in our body that can process parts of this emotional garbage. But usually there remain enough blockades to impede the energy flow in the body, which eventually leads usually to disease. Negative emotions can create such excessive heat in the organs that dysfunction can develop up to total failure.

The Chi Nei Tsang massage is an extremely effective method to solve these energy blockages and flush out deposited toxins.
Since Chi Nei Tsang is intended for mainly for self-massage, no further steps are required. Anyone can see the beneficial massages you at all times and for all the family exercise ... You can feel in yourself, where tensions are found around the abdomen and edit this tension. Mantak Chia calls the 'I am my own gold-digger'.
(Wolfgang Heuhsen 2004)