The North Star (Stella Polaris , the North Star , Ursa Minor Alpha ) is the brightest star in the constellation Ursa Minor (also called the Little Dipper ) .

The Polar Star is only about 0.7 degrees from the north celestial pole removed. He therefore stands for the observer without a telescope throughout the year in the same place . However, as a 2 star size it does not fall immediately apparent.

One can find the North Star as :
The constellation ' Ursa Major ' or ' Big Dipper ' is open all year to see very clearly and in our part of the sky.
It now extends the axis between the two brightest stars of the Big Dipper to something five times , you come almost directly at Polaris .
The height of the North Star in the sky also corresponds approximately to the northern latitude, on the one is.

Since the Earth's axis is not stable, but carries a slight rotation ( precession ) , the location of the celestial poles shifts over time . This can be any star polar star, which is removed by the amount of the obliquity of the ecliptic of the pole.

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