Universal HEALING TAO System  -  Ethics

1. Demonstrate acceptance of a clear Continental Instructor Network

2. Constantly respect Master Chia, Universal HEALING TAO (UHT) teachings, Instructors, and all students in words and actions.
    a) Foster cooperation, sharing and trust amongst Instructors as well as in UHT organization
    b) Being helpful and compassionate amongst each other
    c) Clear, honest and open communication
    d) Teaching in the same area we maintain the principle of abundance

3. Actively seek cooperation between Instructors and being accountable for the quality of the UHT System;

4. Be clear when informing students about fees, conditions of the class, duration, requirements for certification, and expected results

5. Inform students of the Healing Love courses that the practices are internal and that they will receive instructions while sitting on their chairs, and that there will be no nudity or any actual sexual practice in the class;

6. Be honest in representing your background, certification, and experience to students and the general public;

7. Be scrupulous in maintaining the boundaries of the teacher-student relationship, and be clear in your communications. Never be involved in sexual affairs with actual students;

8. Be, from the beginning, clear and transparent about economic conditions with workshop organizers and with students;

9. Give your best to be a model of the UHT teachings;
    a. be a good model and honest as a human being;
    b. be a good listener to the real needs of your student
    c. keep in mind the spiritual development of your students
    d. create ways to spread the teachings
    e. be and act in accordance to the Taoist virtues

10. Be aware of your powerful position, and honor the responsibility to develop the UHT System and its organization harmoniously;

11. For any questions or your welcomed feedback please contact the Global Senior Instructor Coordinators.



In harmony with the universal life force ,
we increase the virtues of the heart, soul and mind.


We promote the cultivation of life force ( chi)
to heal us and explore our inner self .
We inspire people to care and education
her soul and harmonize all related spirits
on a clear path to the Tao .


For present and future generations
we want to pass the path of encounter with an open heart ,
maintain a clear direction in life
spiritually and eternally - immortal Tao embody .


We honor with loving acceptance ,
the changing balance of light and darkness.
To achieve health, longevity and wealth ,
we live in harmony with the virtues
Trust, respect , love, wisdom and compassion.


By transforming our sexual Chi Essence
we strengthen our energy body
and enhance our spiritual growth
through the practice of Qi Gong and meditation
Taoist Inner Alchemy .

The structure and form of the Universal Healing Tao see link '' Universal Tao ''

The Spiritual Core

Universal Healing Tao Foundation

Inner Alchemy - FORMULA 1


      Basic Practice I
1 Inner Smile
2 Six Healing sounds
3 Small energy cycle
4 Chi Self- Massage:

      Basic Practice II
1 deep abdominal breathing , force of the empty breath
2 Chi Kung of laughter
3 Stem cells chi kung
4 Elixir Chi Kung
5 Tan Tien Chi Kung
6 Iron Shirt Chi Kung I
7 Iron Shirt Chi Kung II
8 Bone Marrow Nei Kung ( Iron Shirt III)
9 Tai Chi Chi Kung I
10 Tao Yin
11 Tai Chi Chi Kung II

      Medical Chi Kung :
1 Chi Nei Tsang I
2 Chi Nei Tsang II
3 Cosmic Healing Chi Kung I
4 Cosmic Healing Chi Kung II
5 Karsai Nei Tsang

Inner Alchemy - FORMULA 2


      Sexual Alchemy I
1 Male Sexual Alchemy
2 Female Sexual Alchemy
3 Multi- Orgasmic connection

 Inner Alchemy - FORMULA 3


      1 Fusion I
2 Fusion II
3 Fusion III

( DARKROOM RETREAT for Formula 4 , 5, 6 and 7)

Inner Alchemy - FORMULA 4

1 Small Kan and Li

Inner Alchemy - FORMULA 5

2 Larger Kan and Li

Inner Alchemy - FORMULA 6

3 Greatest Kan and Li

Inner Alchemy - FORMULA 7

4 Sealing of the Five Senses

Inner Alchemy - FORMULA 8

First union of heaven and earth

Inner Alchemy - FORMULA 9

First fusion of man and Tao

Excerpts translation of a text by Dennis Huntington on Large Master Chia

The structure and form of the Universal Healing Tao see link '' Universal Tao ''


1. Tao Energy Cultivation

1.1 Tao Energy Basic

Global Branch Leader – Marie Favorito
Contact Time: Evenings from 06:00 PM
Tel : + (1) 781 369-190
E-mail :   
Website :
Skype : favmcf

1.2 Healing Love

Global Branch Leader – Minke De Vos
Contact Time: Evenings from 06:00 PM
Tel: +1 604 669 2505
Email: ,
Skype: Minkedevos

2. Cosmic Healing

Global Branch Leader – Wolfgang Heuhsen
Tel: +49 30 772-3200
Skype: tao-berlin

3. Chi Nei Tsang

Global Branch Leader – Jutta Kellenberger
Contact Time: Evenings from 06:00 PM
Tel: +66 53 921 200
Skype: juttak8

4. Internal Martial Arts

Global Branch Leader – Walter Kellenberger
Contact Time: Evenings from 06:00 PM
Tel: +66 81 881 3868
Email: ,
Skype: walter1950

5. Inner Alchemy
(& Immortal Tao)

Global Branch Leader Europe – Harald Röder
Tel: +49 911 36 43 90
Skype: Itschoepo


The structure and form of the Universal Healing Tao see link'' Universal HEALING TAO© System''

The Universal HEALING TAO© System is a practical system of self-cultivation and spiritual development.

Master Mantak Chia developed the HEALING TAO© to use the age-old, his assigned by Chinese masters and teachers energy practices together with his students and other interested parties. His sincere wish is that every individual should have the opportunity to promote the harmonious development of body, mind and soul. By doing these exercises is the practitioner enables users to establish personal responsibility for their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being and to hold.

By learning harmonic diet and the strengthening of assets invested in us self-healing, a firm basis for our spiritual growth is laid. By learning to connect us directly with the natural surrounding us energy , there arises a subtle consciousness, which is absolutely essential for spiritual progress can arise spontaneously . Finally, the limitations of the physical body through the accelerated development of the mind body and the spiritual body are more and more resolved.

Each is self-healing, is born a healer. Once the energy channels , or meridians , are open in the body, the energies of the internal organs come back in line with each other. This unique , universal energy is healing others , damaged cells. By further compound this universal energy with the energy sources around us in nature and in the universe , unlimited healing power for all will be present.

From over 1000 trained teachers informed on all continents , the Universal HEALING TAO© System allows access to a unique, modern integration of traditional theory, method and practice.

UHT Certified and Associate Instructor Training in Berlin 2020

Grand-Master Mantak Chia leadsto gether with Senior Instructor Harald Roeder and Senior Instructor Wolfgang Heuhsen the education workshops with certification for becoming UHT Associate Instructor and UHT Certified Instructor in the spring of 2020. Information on request:

Ausbildung im Universal HEALING TAO System

Der UHT Associate Instructor ist die erste Stufe als Tao Lehrer. Die Ausbildung kann direkt bei Groß-Meister Chia erfolgen, zwei mal jährlich finden Lehrerausbildungskurse im Tao Garden (Chiang Mai, Nord-Thailand) statt. Das Ausbildungs-Retreat dauert 2 Wochen. Auch in Deutschland kann die Ausbildung und Zertifizierung zum UHT Associate Instructor erfolgen, die Termine werden auch auf dieser Seite bekannt gegeben.

Die Prüfung zum UHT Certified Instructor kann direkt bei Groß-Meister Chia erfolgen, zwei mal jährlich finden Lehrerausbildungskurse im Tao Garden (Chiang Mai, Nord-Thailand) statt. Das Ausbildungs-Retreat dauert je nach Ausbildungsgrad zwischen 3 und 4 Wochen. Auch in Deutschland kann seit 2013 die Ausbildung und Zertifizierung zum UHT Certified Instructor erfolgen, die Termine werden auch auf dieser Seite bekannt gegeben.

Vorraussetzung für die Lehrerausbildungen sind der Nachweis von Trainingsstunden bei einem UHT Tao Lehrer und die erfolgreich abgeschlossenen Kurse zu den jeweiligen Themen, für die eine Lehrerprüfung angestrebt wird. (z.B. Eisenhemd Chi Kung, Heilende Liebe, Tai Chi Chi Kung usw.)

4 Säulen Ausbildungsgrundlagen des Universal Healing Tao nach Groß-Meister Mantak Chia als pdf-Datei: Ausbildungsgrundlagen

Requirements for the training of UHT Associate Instructor :
1st own studies with books and DVDs about UHT Tao Energy Basics is strongly recommended.
2 Proof over 70 hours of training in one or more of UHT teachers.
3 letters of recommendation of a teacher UHT where you had at least 20 hours of instruction .
4th letter with a short explanation of why you want to become teachers Tao
5 Vorrausgesetzte practices : At least 40 of the 70 hours must be in the range of UHT basics done be ( Inner Smile , little energy rebreather , 6 healing sounds , Chi self- massage), Iron Shirt ( Tree Hugging and the Tortoise ), simple qigong warm-up exercises (eg Crane Neck & Turtle neck, spinal breathing , shaking , sitting meditation ) .
6 Alternative practices : 30 of the 70 hours may come from other UHT areas , eg Healing Love , Iron Shirt , Fusion I , Tai Chi or Tao Yin.
7 Personal experiences in UHT practices since at least 6 months

   • Inclusion in the website of the Universal Healing Tao ( universal )
   • Access to teaching materials of UHT and discounts when buying    ">• discounts at courses of Grand Master Mantak Chia in Europe ( )
   • Invitations to private events (eg : teacher training in Berlin)
   • They are part of the International Instructor Community

Contents of the training :
As a participant practices are deepened in training mainly that you already know. Through the intensive elaboration in the circle of advanced practitioners, as well as by the possibility of partner work a deeper understanding of one's own practice is possible.
   Deepening and practice of basic techniques :
   • Inner Smile
   • 6 healing sounds
   • less energy cycle
   • 6 directions, 3 fire
   • Activation of the three Tan Tiens
   • Chi self-massage
   • Qigong

   Depression and exercise the basic Chi Kung :
   • Iron Shirt Chi Kung I
   • Tree , turtle and water buffalo

   Deepening and practice of selected items from :
   • Healing Love
   • Tao Yin
   • Tan Tien Chi Kung
   • Tai Chi Chi Kung I
examination :
Instructors work with the participant (s) in common their price targets . Each (r ) participants ( in ) is individually tested , it is available for all course content sufficient time available to target the successful conclusion .

After successful completion of each Ausbildungsretreats (r ) subscriber ( in ) a copy of his certificate with the level of education
UHT Associate Instructor .

*** Information about the education premium :
exists for these training courses the opportunity to obtain a so-called education voucher and so to save up to 500 € the course fees.

! The education voucher must be requested prior to the written application !

In order to facilitate the way we provide here some information:
First you meet the requirements for the award voucher if:

    You are employed - this way, including self-employed, mothers and fathers on parental leave , women returning to work / inside and family workers .
    Your taxable income is a maximum of 25,600 euros per year - in jointly taxed (eg, spouses ) should it be up to 51,200 euros . You can find the info on this in your income tax bill .
    You have the German citizenship or a valid work permit for Germany .

2 How do I get the training voucher ?
First, you need an appointment with a participating counseling centers (see 3 ) agree .
During the conversation, the above conditions are überprüft.Danach is checked whether participation leads for you at our workshop to a professional additional qualification . This does not necessarily imply that teacher education is in a context of their currently exported profession. The training opens up new career opportunities.
At the end of the conversation you will get then handed an education voucher that you please bring to the workshop and thus save up to 500 € the course fees.

3 Where are the counseling ? und sich die passende Stelle aussuchen.">It is best to follow the following link: and choose the right job . By convention, the counseling centers are reluctant assigned dates.

More information can be found here:

Of course we will help you personally , and to answer your questions. The training grant is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and by the European Social Fund of the European Union.