1. Demonstrate acceptance of a clear Continental Instructor Network

2. Constantly respect Master Chia, Universal HEALING TAO (UHT) teachings, Instructors, and all students in words and actions.
    a) Foster cooperation, sharing and trust amongst Instructors as well as in UHT organization
    b) Being helpful and compassionate amongst each other
    c) Clear, honest and open communication
    d) Teaching in the same area we maintain the principle of abundance

3. Actively seek cooperation between Instructors and being accountable for the quality of the UHT System;

4. Be clear when informing students about fees, conditions of the class, duration, requirements for certification, and expected results

5. Inform students of the Healing Love courses that the practices are internal and that they will receive instructions while sitting on their chairs, and that there will be no nudity or any actual sexual practice in the class;

6. Be honest in representing your background, certification, and experience to students and the general public;

7. Be scrupulous in maintaining the boundaries of the teacher-student relationship, and be clear in your communications. Never be involved in sexual affairs with actual students;

8. Be, from the beginning, clear and transparent about economic conditions with workshop organizers and with students;

9. Give your best to be a model of the UHT teachings;
    a. be a good model and honest as a human being;
    b. be a good listener to the real needs of your student
    c. keep in mind the spiritual development of your students
    d. create ways to spread the teachings
    e. be and act in accordance to the Taoist virtues

10. Be aware of your powerful position, and honor the responsibility to develop the UHT System and its organization harmoniously;

11. For any questions or your welcomed feedback please contact the Global Senior Instructor Coordinators.


In harmony with the universal life force ,
we increase the virtues of the heart, soul and mind.


We promote the cultivation of life force ( chi)
to heal us and explore our inner self .
We inspire people to care and education
her soul and harmonize all related spirits
on a clear path to the Tao .


For present and future generations
we want to pass the path of encounter with an open heart ,
maintain a clear direction in life
spiritually and eternally - immortal Tao embody .


We honor with loving acceptance ,
the changing balance of light and darkness.
To achieve health, longevity and wealth ,
we live in harmony with the virtues
Trust, respect , love, wisdom and compassion.


By transforming our sexual Chi Essence
we strengthen our energy body
and enhance our spiritual growth
through the practice of Qi Gong and meditation
Taoist Inner Alchemy .

The structure and form of the Universal Healing Tao see link '' Universal Tao ''

The 9 Formulas

Universal Healing Tao System

Inner Alchemy - FORMULA 1


      Basic Inner Alchemy Practice :
Inner Smile
      Six Healing Sounds
      Microcosmic Orbit
      Chi Self- Massage
      deep abdominal breathing, emptyforce breath
      Tao Yin
      Iron Shirt I
      Iron Shirt II (Tendon Nei Kung)
      Iron Shirt III (Bone Marrow Nei Kung)
      Tan Tien Qigong
      Tai Chi Chi Kung I (Yang Style)
      Tai Chi Chi Kung II (Discharging Form)
      Tai Chi Chi Kung III (Wu Style)

    Medical Qigong :
      Chi Nei Tsang I (Organ detox)
      Chi Nei Tsang II (Chasing the winds)
      Cosmic Healing Qigong I
      Cosmic Healing Qigong II
      Chi Nei Tsang III (Tok Sen)
      Chi Nei Tsang IV (Karsai Nei Tsang)
      Chi Nei Tsang V (Pulses)

Inner Alchemy - FORMULA 2


      Sexual Alchemy
      Male Sexual Alchemy
      Female Sexual Alchemy
      Multi- Orgasmic connection

 Inner Alchemy - FORMULA 3


     Fusion I
     Fusion II
      Fusion III

( DARKROOM RETREAT for Formula 4 , 5, 6 and 7 recommended)

Inner Alchemy - FORMULA 4

Lesser Kan and Li

Inner Alchemy - FORMULA 5

GreaterKan and Li

Inner Alchemy - FORMULA 6

Greatest Kan and Li

Inner Alchemy - FORMULA 7

Sealing of the Five Senses

Inner Alchemy - FORMULA 8

Congress of Heaven and Earth

Inner Alchemy - FORMULA 9

Reunion of Human and Tao