- Taoist alchemy, the "Chymic Wedding" in ancient China -

  In the Taoist tradition, the Elixir Chi Kung as one of the last mysteries was considered that passes on a master before he passed on to his students.
Grandmaster Mantak Chia makes this precious knowledge without restrictions and was publicly criticized for it already.
In summary, one can say humors are energized by alchemical acts with Chi. It transformed his own body juices in a not yet explored in detail, but very effective way.
   Body fluids are considered in Chinese medicine as a key indicator for vital health. Functioning of the liquids that speaks for an intact production and a good supply of organs with oxygen and nutrients for a vital sexual energy and for a sufficient combustion of nutrients. Overall, a good hydration of the body provides information on the vitality of a person.

  The West also knows similar traditions. The '' Chymic Wedding '' as the title of one of the basic writings of the Rosicrucian and as an instrument of research-adepts who possessed the keys of hermetic alchemy, Kabbalah, and astrology. In alchemy, the Chymic Wedding is understood as the union of opposites and reveals the stepped path of initiation into the last great mysteries of our existence.
  At the masterpiece of alchemists, the production of a Philosopher's Stone, which produce gold and an immortality elixir is to be gained. One of the necessary actions is the coagulatio of matter, the attraction of being non-clotting substances in Chymic Wedding. They referred to in the erotic imagery of alchemy the culmination of the Great Work (opus magnum) when the White Queen (symbol: moon, silver or mercury) : combined with the Red King (sun, sulfur, or gold). However, the union of polar opposites is not only an external process, but also an allegory of the inner, spiritual transformation process of a human being. Because of the specific alteration of the man himself, it was one of the main objectives of alchemy.

The Taoists recognized the saliva as one of the sources of life. Western scientists describe saliva as an extremely complex fluid that includes a huge range of fabrics, which have the potential to influence many aspects of our physical life.
  The Golden Elixir, also known as nectar, is the source of the water of life. It is a mixture of saliva, fluids, and external hormonal essences. From an alchemical point of view, but it is far more than a merely external, material process; rather is integrated by coagulation Intellectual in the matter and this thereby raised to a higher level of existence. Taoists believe that this elixir is a great transformer for the higher, spiritual work. The Golden Elixir should be able to cure diseases, and even grant immortality. Some Taoist texts recommend swallowing the saliva up to 1.000 times per day for spiritual work and healing. Grandmaster Mantak Chia teaches the practice exercises of Elixir Qigong in a simplified form. The traditional practices of this subject area have flowery names such as ''The dragon fixed the pearl'',''The spider silk and swing the leg", or "Harvesting The Golden Earthmedizin''.
  The practical applications of alchemical traditions to their own body fluids can be learned and practiced. Grandmaster Mantak Chia teaches these precious , Taoist practices worldwide in workshops in Germany. UHT Elixir Qigong is part of the UHT Cosmic Healing Branch.
(Wolfgang Heuhsen 2010)